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EIFL landscape study of no-fee open access publishing in Africa Report 2024.
EIFL-PLIP's Small Bites: Telling an evidence-based story about your library service - training video for public librarians Video 2024.
Copyright and Access to Knowledge in Malawi: EIFL presentation Presentation 2024.
EIFL webinar: Rights Retention and Secondary Publishing Rights Webinar 2024.
EIFL webinar: How to get more content for your repository Webinar 2024.
Rights Retention and Secondary Publishing Rights. An EIFL Guide for Libraries Guide 2024.
Facilitating the open sharing of research: Celebrating 20 years of the EIFL Open Access Programme Brochure 2024.
EIFL webinar: ‘Nigeria - the best copyright law in the world?’ Webinar 2024.
EIFL-PLIP’s Small Bites: Crafting clear goals and objectives for a project Video 2024.
EIFL Digital Research Literacy Training Programme Outline for Librarians (Updated) Guide, Curriculum 2024.
EIFL letter to South Africa's President urging him to sign the new Copyright Amendment Bill into law Position paper & statement 2024.
Survival in a digital jungle: Presentation for use by public librarians offering online safety training for children and teenagers Presentation 2024.
Webinar: Integrating ORCID in repositories and CRIS systems Webinar 2024.
EIFL-PLIP's Small Bites: Promoting your library's training programmes on social media - training video for public librarians Video 2024.
EIFL webinar: COUNTER 5.1 Code of Practice for usage statistics Webinar 2024.