EIFL in Uzbekistan

EIFL has been working in Uzbekistan since 1999. We supported the creation of the ‘EIFL Uzbekistan Consortium’, and through this partnership, libraries in Uzbekistan are providing access to a wide range of scholarly e-resources. EIFL agreements with publishers also allow authors in Uzbekistan to publish in open access in hybrid or fully open access journals at waived or discounted Article Processing Charges (APCs).

EIFL has also advocated for revisions to the national copyright law to enable libraries to better meet the needs of their end users.

Library Consortium Information

EIFL Uzbekistan Consortium
Type of members:

University libraries, research  libraries, public libraries, national libraries and special libraries.

EIFL-Licensed resources:

View the complete list of e-resourcestechnology products and Article Processing Charges that have been negotiated for members of the EIFL Uzbekistan Consortium. See the full list of all the journals that EIFL has negotiated terms for open access publishing for researchers in Uzbekistan. For more information please contact the Licensing coordinator for Uzbekistan.



EIFL started working in Uzbekistan in 1999.


EIFL works with 82 institutions in Uzbekistan through the library consortium.



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Representatives of EIFL partner consortia and EIFL staff will travel (...)