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EIFL webinar: How to get your articles published in academic journals Webinar 2019.
Webinar: Learn how Digital Humanities promotes collaboration in the digital arts, humanities and cultural heritage sectors Webinar 2019.
Infographic: Overview of copyright exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives in 53 countries in Africa Case Study 2019.
EIFL webinar: Technology - using Open Knowledge Maps to find relevant research literature Webinar: Technology 2019.
How EIFL’s open science training is advancing openness in science and research Brochure 2018.
EIFL webinar: How transformative agreements will accelerate the transition to open access Webinar 2019.
EIFL’s review of Laos’s updated copyright law Position paper & statement 2019.
EIFL comments on South Africa's Copyright Amendment Bill, 2017 Position paper & statement 2019.
EIFL webinar: Learn about the new Ubiquity Press open source repositories platform Webinar 2019.
Webinar on new developments in the field of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) Webinar 2019.
Six key research literacy skills every researcher should have Presentation 2018.
An overview of research analytics tools for researchers and librarians Presentation 2018.
EIFL webinar: Technology - learn about the Overleaf online collaborative writing, editing and publishing tool Webinar: Technology 2018.
EIFL webinar: Technology - managing references with Endnote Desktop X9 Webinar: Technology 2018.
IYALI 2018 - New Services and Community Outreach in African Public Libraries Poster 2018.