European landscape of institutional OA publishing
DIAMAS project publishes findings of a survey of institutional publishers and service providers in the European Research Area.

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The DIAMAS (Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication) project has released the results of its survey of institutional publishers and service providers in the European Research Area. 

The survey report, titled 'DIAMAS Institutional Publishing in the European Research Area Landscape Survey', unpacks the landscape of publishing activities in Europe and discusses the implications for diamond open access publishing initiatives. You can read the full report here, or review key findings in a synopsis of the survey.

Publication of the survey findings is an important milestone in the DIAMAS project, which aims to strengthen and further develop diamond open access in Europe. Diamond open access refers to a scholarly publication model in which journals and platforms do not charge fees to either authors or readers. 

EIFL is one of 23 partners in the DIAMAS project. Ten EIFL partner countries are featured in the Landscape Survey: Albania, Estonia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Broadly, the survey - 

  • explores operations and nature of institutional publishers and service providers; 
  • seeks to understand the funding and financial management behind publishing operations; 
  • examines open science practices in publishing,
  • and identifies the key challenges faced by institutional publishers. 

The DIAMAS project will use insights from the landscape survey to formulate an evidence-based response to support publishers and bolster diamond open access publishing, promoting equitable access to scientific knowledge. The survey findings will also enable the DIAMAS project to formulate policy and strategy recommendations for research performing organizations, funders, sponsors and donors, and regional, national and international policy makers to support open access publishing activities of institutional publishers and service providers across Europe.


The DIAMAS project team has organized a series of eight webinars to discuss the survey findings and discuss their implications for diamond open access publishing. The webinars take place between 28 February and 12 April. More information about the webinars, including dates and registration details for each one.