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16 May 2018
On 30 April 2018 the Kingdom of Lesotho became the 37th country in the world and the ninth country in Africa to join the Marrakesh Treaty. The (...)
24 Apr 2018
EIFL and the University of Toronto (U of T) Libraries are proud to announce the first international transfer of accessible format books to (...)
10 Apr 2018
EIFL highlighted principles and key issues that matter for libraries in written comments on a Good Practice Toolkit for Collective Management (...)
29 Mar 2018
In March 2017, the law on copyright and related rights of the Kyrgyz Republic was amended to include important changes for the benefit of (...)
28 Mar 2018
European legislators should defend Europe’s ability to generate opportunities using the power of data analysis, not drive researchers to other (...)
12 Feb 2018
EIFL joins 53 organizations representing teachers, students, vocational trainers, researchers, scientists, librarians, archivists and museum (...)
Lithuanian Braile held in hands
01 Feb 2018
What a great start to 2018! January brought the good news that legislators in three diverse parts of the world have given the green light to the (...)