EIFL in Serbia

EIFL has been working in Serbia  since 1999. We supported the creation of the Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition (KoBSON),  and through this partnership, libraries in Serbia are providing access to a wide range of scholarly e-resources.

In Serbia, EIFL has supported national and institutional open access awareness raising and advocacy workshops which resulted in the launch of an open access journals portal. We have also supported the launch of a national open access portal of PhD theses and dissertations that makes theses openly available, easily citable (with DOIs) and searchable.

EIFL has provided training and a support service to raise awareness of library copyright issues, and to assist with copyright questions.

EIFL also engaged with public libraries in Serbia resulting in innovative pilot projects that are helping libraries meet the information needs of their communities.

Library Consortium Information

Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition (KOBSON)
Type of members:

Universities libraries, research libraries and national libraries

EIFL-Licensed resources:

View the complete list of e-resources that have been negotiated for members of KoBSON. For more information please contact the Licensing coordinator for Serbia



EIFL started working in Serbia in 1999.


EIFL works with 17 institutions in Serbia through the library consortium.



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